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Examples of frequently asked questions:

Is there a minimum age for bowling?

This is left to the discretion or parents/carers. We offer bumpers on all the lanes and ball ramps to assist bowlers at no additional cost.

Is there a maximum age for bowling?

Absolutely not. You can’t put an age limit on having fun.

Do you have to wear the bowling shoes?

Bowlers with flat covered shoes can choose to bowl in their own footwear at their own risk. Heels, sandals and wedges are not permitted. We strongly advise customers to wear bowling shoes at no additional cost.

I want to wear bowling shoes but I’ve forgotten socks, what do I do?

We have trainer socks available to purchase.

Can I play bowling with my own bowling ball?

Yes, at your own risk.

How long does a game of bowling last?

A game for 6 bowlers will last around one hour.

Can food and drink be consumed whilst bowling?

Yes. There are a number of food outlets situated throughout the complex to cater for all tastes. Please do not bring food or drink in from elsewhere.

Can I be guaranteed a time to bowl, I don’t want to wait?

Customers are advised to book to ensure a lane is available at busy times.

Do you have a Facebook page?

Yes. Like us on Facebook for fantastic special offers and exciting events.

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